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Killer Competitor for DJI MAVIC GDU O2 Drone

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 10.05.22 PM

Hey guys so i came across a post about GDU O2 drone they have a series of drones but specifically O2 is a DJI MAVIC Killer.

GDU O2 has mostly all the features with some extra gestures all you can check below:

O2 Plus and O2

So they have 2 products you can visit the links below  for details specs and all :

GDU O2                      GDU O2 Plus


This Drone is way cheaper than DJI although i havent used it seems a good design and all features seems nice … might turn out to be a DJI Mavic killer soon…





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GDU O2 and GDU O2 Plus

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 10.05.22 PM
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Drone BAN News in India| Drones In India

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.32.28 PM

To Let Drones Fly In The Sky, Home Ministry Says Law Round The Corner

Till the time the government did not ban drones anyone could buy one and operate it. But once the act is enforced, officials say things would streamline.

All India | Written by Neeta Sharma | Updated: August 31, 2017 00:41 IST
NEW DELHI:  The Home Ministry is planning to bring in a draft policy next month that will regulate the usage of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in the country instead of completely banning them.

“We are working on a draft drone act, which will focus on regulating the use of drones instead of banning. It should come out in public domain by September after which comments will be taken from stakeholders,” Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi said on Wednesday.

Currently, the use of drones is being regulated only through an executive order. Whenever someone is caught violating the law they are booked under the aircraft act.

“There is an entire act for planes which regulates their operation and as of now if someone is caught operating drones they are also booked under aircraft act,” said a senior official.

There are no radars to detect the presence of a drone or its path. So the government says it feels it does need some basics which need to be worked out, which will be addressed in this new act.

Till the time the government did not ban drones anyone could buy one and operate it. But once the act is enforced, officials say things would streamline.

“Essentially the act will spell out the mechanism to police a drone i.e., a procedure who all can buy for what purpose they can buy, which all areas they can fly a drone and lastly how much punishment will a person get who flies an unlicensed drone,” explained an officer who is dealing with drafting the act.

Earlier this month, the pilot of an Air Asia flight complained of getting distracted by drones while landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. Following the pilot’s report, operations at Delhi airport were shut for two hours.

According to rules, the airport security force have been told to treat drones as possible security threats, but there is no guideline as to how to react when a drone is spotted in the vicinity of an airport.

Every month, six to seven cases of pilots getting distracted by different objects while landing/taking off are reported from Delhi airport.




Civilian drones may account for bulk of 40,000 UAVs in Indian skies despite ban by regulator

MUMBAI: Only defence forces, law-enforcement agencies and a few select government companies are allowed to use drones, but that is not stopping civilian ‘droners’ from hitting the skies. Over the past two years, Indians have spent close to Rs 40 crore buying civil drones, as per estimates of the Consortium of Unmanned Vehicle Systems India (CUVSI). Civil drones, which also include toy drones, bear price tags in the range of Rs 2,000 and Rs 50,000; a rough calculation hints at the presence of 40, ..


Civilian drones, despite ban, flying in India; time to relook ‘blanket prohibition’


Despite a blanket ban on the use of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the country, civilian drones worth Rs 40 crore were bought by Indians in the last two years, reported

Representational image. AP

Representational image. AP

Although the rules prohibit the use of commercial drones, the daily reported that their sale is not banned per se.

Talking about the trend, Huzefa Tavawalla, who heads international commercial law practice at Nishith Desai Associates, says to Firstpost : “As per Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) rules any civilian use of drones in India is illegal, but people still use them by taking permission from local authorities, which is also according to me not legally acceptable.”

According to Tavawalla, the blanket ban on the use of commercial drones is reactionary and lacks a long-term vision of incorporating drones in achieving goals of socio-economic development.

Apart from defence and reconnaissance, drones have several commercial use. They could be used for the quick delivery of donated organs, enhancing agricultural efficiency by identifying factors such as moisture content and nutrient soil availability. Remote sensing through drones can be of significant use in disaster-prone areas for pinpointing and fighting fires or detection of theft and pilferage of goods meant for public utilisation, or in detection of LPG gas leaks which can save several lives.

Presently, people mostly use drones for aerial photography in weddings and for hobby flying. Drones are also used to take aerial shots in movie and documentary making. These drones typically include toy drones which cost between Rs 2,000 and Rs 50,000.

Drones have been used in India for some time, however, their use caught public attention when a pizzeria in Mumbai delivered a pizza by a UAV to much fanfare in May, 2014. The police, realising that there were no regulations on drones, banned their use.

This was followed by the DGCA issuing a public notice on 7 October, 2014, imposing a blanket ban on the use of civil drones in the interest of national security.

While the ban has been imposed due to ‘national security’, the DGCA acknowledged that drones have potential for a large number of civil applications.

“It’s perfectly fine to regulate advance drones as these can be misused by unscrupulous elements…But a blanket ban is unfair. Drones have enormous commercial possibilities,” says Pritam Sahu of Edall Systems, a Bengaluru based drone maker, to Economictimes.

Talking to Firstpost, Sahu says that there should be a guideline from the government in terms of the use of drones for civilian purpose.

“Currently people are importing drones illegally from abroad and using them. What I think is the use of the UAVs can be regulated here,” Sahu says.

Drones are quickly becoming cost effective and more capable and have been widely adopted by the law enforcement agencies in India. Currently, India accounts for the highest percentage of the world’s UAV imports (for defence purposes) at 22.5 percent. The government of India has recently entered into an arrangement to purchase armed drones from Israel and the US.

“With India’s innovation flight taking off with the launch of key initiatives such ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’ and a strong focus on IT start-ups, the government must use this opportunity to make India the global manufacturing leader for drones,” Tavawalla said.



NOTE : This is a repost much intresting to read about it …

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mavic platium
A Whole New Way To Experience The Spark


Spark is an easy-to-use, fun-to-fly mini camera drone that lifts off from the palm of your hand to capture and share those special moments on the go. Spark is the first consumer drone that users can control by hand gestures alone, whether it’s sending it up and away, taking a selfie or shooting a video, or calling it back.


With the newly added Paper Plane flight mode, users now have more ways to enjoy the Spark. This new mode allows users to launch the drone in a forward motion, just like flying a paper plane. The camera will automatically begin recording a Dronie video using user-defined distance with a fixed angle and speed. When filming is complete, the DJI Spark will automatically return to the pilot and the footage can be quickly and easily edited and shared.


In addition, a new Sphere mode will be added to the Panorama photo feature, enabling users to produce a panoramic photo with a fisheye lense effect. Both features will be included soon in the forthcoming DJI Go 4 mobile app and Spark firmware updates.


For more info about the Spark


DJI  Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian: The professional drone photographer’s perfect tool


The iconic Phantom 4 Pro drone which made professional aerial imaging easier for everyone is back with a new professional appearance; a sleek matte-gray Obsidian colour shell featuring a magnesium, electroplated and anti-fingerprint coated gimbal which requires a higher standard manufacturing technique.


For professionals who demand excellence while capturing images and video for a commercial client or documenting a wedding, the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian has a large 1” CMOS sensor and a 4K 60fps recording capability to ensure a professional outcome in any situation.


The Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian offers intelligent performance and a powerful imaging system for any serious drone photographer.

For more info about the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian:

DJI at IFA 2017

Visit the DJI booth at IFA to experience the new devices and see DJI’s entire lineup of handheld and aerial imaging products. Located at Messe Berlin inside Exhibition Hall 3, Level 2, Booth #105, the DJI booth is open daily from 10:00-18:00, Sep 1st-6th.


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The New And Improved Mavic Pro Platinum

mavic platium
The New And Improved Mavic Pro Platinum


From USD $1,099

August 31, 2017 – DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, today introduced two new drones, the Mavic Pro Platinum and Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian and will also demonstrate the Spark with newly added features at IFA 2017 in Berlin.

“DJI continuously look for ways to improve its products and introduce new features, many of which are the result of the positive feedback and requests we received from customers around the world,” said Paul Pan, DJI Senior Product Manager. “Starting with our Osmo Mobile Silver handheld stabilizer, DJI has been expanding its product variations to meet the different lifestyles and needs of consumers. Similarly, we’ve done the same with two of the most iconic DJI drone products, the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro. The newly added features of the Spark will also introduce new ways for people to experience flight and the fun of aerial photography.”

The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum takes all of the advanced features of the Mavic Pro which revolutionised personal flight and builds on them.  It is ideal for travellers, amateur photographers and outdoor sports enthusiasts


With an 11 percent gain in flight time taking it up 30 minutes coupled with a 60% noise power reduction[1], the Mavic Pro Platinum provides the best portable drone experience yet.  Additionally, the drone’s compact and powerful body has also been created with an attractive platinum coloured shell.


The increased flight time and quieter operation has been achieved by integrating new electronic speed controllers (ESC’s) and freshly designed propellers which are also compatible with the current Mavic Pro.


Furthermore, pilots of the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum benefit from a portable, powerful and easy-to-use camera drone that features a 4K stabilised camera, 4.3 mile (7km)[2] range, innovative FlightAutonomy technology to sense obstacles up to 49ft (15m) away and a range of intelligent flight modes that make it extremely fun and easy to fly.

The Mavic Pro Platinum features a sleek design and compact body that is both powerful and alluring. A new and improved 30-minute flight time coupled with 60% noise reduction makes the Mavic Pro Platinum DJI’s best portable drone yet.






Conclusion: Paying $100 you get around 4 mins extra and some sound reduction…. Although with that $100 you can get a new battery and fly for more 25mins and have no issues if you dnt mind the sound that the drone makes…

As per my experience with DJI drones its very silent compared to inspire and p4pro so it atleast doesnt matters for me so i have a mavic pro those who always wanted a silent drone can go for the pro version also more drones are going to be launched check out DJI NEWS.

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Technotech 2.5 Inch Laptop External Hard Drive Enclosure SATA Casing USB 2.0 (Nylon Coated Rubber)

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.10.13 PM

Technotech 2.5 Inch Laptop External Hard Drive Enclosure SATA Casing USB 2.0 (Nylon Coated Rubber)

I got this Product today and feels awesome finally i can use my old dead laptops hdd in this one and i literally used this for a long time and it works awesome nice product ..

you can buy it here : AMAZON

Product description

When the internal memory of your PC exceeds its capacity and needs replacement, this Technotech External Hard Drive Enclosure will be a handy addition to your device. You can turn your 2.5 inches SATA Laptop Hard Drive into an external hard drive in moments with this easy to use case. This specialized SATA hard disk case, designed to hold and power disk, operates on the power supply from the connected computer and hence, no external power is needed. Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, this device supports a hard drive up to 1TB 9.5MM in size.

Featuring a built-in hot swap technology, you can snap your internal disk drive on or off to your laptop with ease. Facilitating usage of the disk on other computers through a USB cord, this durable casing provides a standard compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1.

• High-speed external storage system for 2.5 inch hard disk drive
• USB 3.0 super speed interface and a backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1.
• Converts your 2.5 inch Laptop Hard Drive Disc into an External hard drive for more flexibility and convenience.
• Fits all the 2.5 inch SATA Laptop hard drive disk
• Easy Portability and installation
• Plug & play and Hot-swapping

you can buy it here : AMAZON


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IMAGINE LOGGING INTO your checking account and seeing that you now also have a second account, stocked with an equal amount of a newly created currency. It could happen this morning to many people who hold the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Not long after 8 am EDT, a new currency called Bitcoin Cash is due to appear, split from bitcoin in a technical maneuver called a “hard fork.” It’s the project of a group that says bitcoin’s keepers are limiting its reach by resisting change.

The creation of Bitcoin Cash is the most striking result yet of a 2-year-old feud over bitcoin’s future. Bitcoin is collectively valued at $47 billion but remains a niche product. Backers of the new currency say it’s necessary if bitcoin is to make a real mark on how the world uses money.

Bitcoin Cash’s confusing origin—and name—risk making it harder for cryptocurrency to gain wider acceptance. “Bitcoin’s an incredibly well-known brand, and to the extent it’s fracturing into various pieces, that’s confusing to regulators and consumers,” says Dan Morehead, founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, which invests in bitcoin and digital-currency startups. Morehead says he’s neutral on the dispute. “It just sounds bad; we’re not used to currencies that split into two.”

Adding to the confusion: Not everyone who holds bitcoin will get an instant stash of Bitcoin Cash today. Some leading bitcoin-storage services have said they won’t recognize the new currency, forcing people to move their business if they want to claim the new variety of cryptocoins.

Bitcoin was created by a pseudonymous coder (or coders) known as Satoshi Nakamoto, who released the software that powers the currency in 2009. It relies on a network of computers linked over the internet that collaborate to process and record all transactions in a digital ledger called the blockchain. Computers dubbed “miners” keep the ledger updated by adding to the sequence of “blocks” that make up the blockchain as new transactions take place. Proponents say this system creates a trustworthy currency free from political oversight and capable of faster, cheaper digital transactions than possible with conventional currencies.

Acrimony among bitcoiners stems from disagreement about limits on the blockchain’s capacity baked into Nakamoto’s design, and what to do about them. The bitcoin network can only support around seven transactions per second, compared with thousands per second piped through conventional financial networks such as Visa.

Bitcoin Cash is a variation on bitcoin’s design, incorporating much bigger blocks, allowing for more transactions in a given time. Supporters say their project is necessary because planned changes that could expand bitcoin’s capacity are not sufficient. “At this point, it seems that the differences are irreconcilable and a split is unavoidable,” says Amaury Séchet, an ex-Facebook engineer who has developed code to implement Bitcoin Cash.

Owners of pre-split bitcoin will be recorded as owning cryptocoins on both blockchains. Some bitcoin exchanges—where owners transact and store cryptocurrency—have said that they will support the new currency and credit customer accounts with Bitcoin Cash when it appears. But others will not.

Bitcoin Cash’s value, and its effect on cryptocurrency’s place in the world, will be determined by how many investors and users switch from traditional bitcoin. Late Monday, one futures market pegged the value of a unit of Bitcoin Cash at about $300, roughly 1/10 the value of one Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Cash adjustment to Nakamoto’s original creation does help address the currency’s capacity problem, says Emin Gün Sirer, an associate professor at Cornell who has studied bitcoin’s design. “The science to the extent we’ve measured it aligns with their reasoning,” he says. More important, and trickier, is whether enough people will use and invest in Bitcoin Cash to keep it going. “The crucial part is the amount of economic interest in this new currency,” Sirer says.

Support by bitcoin exchanges will enable use of Bitcoin Cash. Crucially, that could motivate more miners to put their computing power to work on maintaining Bitcoin Cash’s new blockchain, making it more reliable and stable, Sirer says. Miners are incentivized with new bitcoins for their work, and if Bitcoin Cash looks healthy, earning some early could strike miners as a good bet.

Would success for Bitcoin Cash come at the expense of the original bitcoin’s ideals? It depends on whom you ask.

Defenders of the original design say too sharp an increase in capacity could raise the computer hardware requirements for contributing to the blockchain too much, opening the door to centralizing control in the hands of a few dominant players. Séchet argues he’s fighting for the soul of bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash will force the cryptocurrency community to take scalability more seriously, even if the project fails. “Either bitcoin does not scale and Bitcoin Cash will overtake it over time, or it will scale because of the pressure created by Bitcoin Cash,” Séchet says. “Either is a win for bitcoin users.”

Some trying to build businesses on top of bitcoin are becoming frustrated by the ongoing arguments. “It really has dragged on,” says Morehead of Pantera Capital. Nobody ever said that upending the financial system would be easy.

source :

credits : wired

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US Army calls for units to discontinue use of DJI equipment


US Army calls for units to discontinue use of DJI equipment

In a move that was run up the flag pole last month but kept under wraps, the Army Research Lab and Navy have concluded that there are operational risks associated with DJI equipment.

Speaking to sUAS News via e-mail, DJI’s Public Relations Manager, Michael Perry said:

We are surprised and disappointed to read reports of the U.S. Army’s unprompted restriction on DJI drones as we were not consulted during their decision. We are happy to work directly with any organization, including the U.S. Army, that has concerns about our management of cyber issues.

We’ll be reaching out to the U.S. Army to confirm the memo and to understand what is specifically meant by ‘cyber vulnerabilities’.

Reference : CLICK

US Army calls for units to discontinue use of DJI equipment

Credits : suas news

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Flying @Mahalaxmi Racecourse started again!!

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-26 at 1.33.54 PM

Here we are after a long 8months of talk with all departments of legality and stuff we finally are allowed to fly and carry on our aero-modelling activities at Mahalaxmi Racecourse.

Basically everyone @ mahalaxmi racecourse use to work on models and aircrafts and students doing college projects and participating in various activities and events all over the globe..

Come to mahalaxmi Racecourse and test their models under guidance of seniors every helps each other in the process.

We being students were finding it hard to carry on the aero-modelling hobby and after invest a good amount of money if we werent allowed to fly then how would we submit our projects and carry on the hobby.

We are very happy to know that Racecourse is again open for all the members of the club to fly and practise aero-modelling we are very thankful for all those involved in making this happen for all of us ….

Some Glimpse of Yesterday’s flying session:



Somethings yet needs to be permitted …

Helis and Racing drones or Fpv related models…

Even then we arent allowed to fly drones…. ( Racing drones) of which the drones are flew at a high speed and under a height of 70-80 mts. which are in fpv pilot mode…

Now we see that many events for drone racing are coming up even in IIT’s and the recent event by IDRL @ MIT pune… i was a participant myself but due to lack of practise we couldnt compete with other participants… and hence it feels a waste when we are directly flying at such events…

Lets see hope for the best for the time been couldnt fly as may be other activities also gets a stop due the our flying of drones.

will keep updating here…

do follow the other links so that you stay updated to various tech and hobby news..

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human flying drone -casey neistat


Casey Neistat does it all to fly on a Drone…

Even though there is been a hype about illegal use of drones and improper use of drones … Casey Neistat who is now working with CNN and some projects with Samsung 360 cameras took help of professionals and made a “Hexadecacopter” to be simple a 16 rotor copter which was designed professionally and controller professional…

Image the power of the drone to carry a human being..

Coming to how they did this … overview:

Big size frame custom build Carbon-fibre probably:

16 motor Hexadecacopter , 10feet diameter , 165pounds weight, has 32inch propellers,16 batteries.

Full throttle thrust – 1050pounds.

It consumes about 4000amps of continous current…. it can power a house of 40 hours.

Everything was done for professionals with good research time and practical experience was piloted by a skilled pilot who is professional flying custom rigs and not DJI like simple drones.. 😛


Casey has mentioned it all in the videos below do check the videos:

Casey neistat drone full video :

Behind the scenes for the Human drone shoot :


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DIY : Connecting L3G400D Gyro with Arduino

L3G4200D img

Well thinking about making a Flight Controller based on Arduino after using Multiwii as the first Flight controller years ago… Have been familiar with the tuning and programming C code.

Also the basic copter has a gyro which basically helps to correct the orientation and alignment of the copter.

Roll and Pitch are corrected with the Gyro when you dont have any Tx stick Inputs Accelerometer helps in this too.

The L3G4200D is a 3-axis angular rate sensor, aka gyro/gyroscope with a user selectable 250, 500 or 2000º/Sec scale. I was about to write about what a gyro is, but Sparkfun has done a really great job of that, so to quote them:

Gyroscopes measure angular velocity, how fast something is spinning about an axis. If you’re trying to monitor the orientation of an object in motion, an accelerometer may not give you enough information to know exactly how it’s oriented. Unlike accelerometers gyros are not affected by gravity, so they make a great complement to each other. You’ll usually see angular velocity represented in units of rotations per minute (RPM), or degrees per second (°/s). The three axes of rotation are either referenced as x, y, and z, or roll, pitch, and yaw.

Connecting the L3G4200D with Arduino :

The L3G4200D has a lot of pins on it because it supports both SPI and I2C but also has some other features as well such as programmable interrupts. We are going to go as simple with this as possible.

The L3G4200D supports both SPI and I2C, but we are just going to talk I2C here. I2C is a 2-wire serial connection, so you just need to connect the SDA (Data) and SCL (Clock) lines to your Arduino for communication. On your Arduino (everything but the mega) SDA is on analog pin 4, and SCL is on analog pin 5. On an arduino mega, SDA is digital 20, and SCL is digital 21.

But other than Power, Ground, and the I2C pins, we just need to connect SD0 to 3.3v (to set the I2c Address).

Code :

//Arduino 1.0+ only

#include <Wire.h>

#define CTRL_REG1 0x20
#define CTRL_REG2 0x21
#define CTRL_REG3 0x22
#define CTRL_REG4 0x23
#define CTRL_REG5 0x24

int L3G4200D_Address = 105; //I2C address of the L3G4200D

int x;
int y;
int z;

void setup(){


Serial.println(“starting up L3G4200D”);
setupL3G4200D(2000); // Configure L3G4200 – 250, 500 or 2000 deg/sec

delay(1500); //wait for the sensor to be ready

void loop(){
getGyroValues(); // This will update x, y, and z with new values


Serial.print(” Y:”);

Serial.print(” Z:”);

delay(100); //Just here to slow down the serial to make it more readable

void getGyroValues(){

byte xMSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x29);
byte xLSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x28);
x = ((xMSB << 8) | xLSB);

byte yMSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x2B);
byte yLSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x2A);
y = ((yMSB << 8) | yLSB);

byte zMSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x2D);
byte zLSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x2C);
z = ((zMSB << 8) | zLSB);

int setupL3G4200D(int scale){
//From Jim Lindblom of Sparkfun’s code

// Enable x, y, z and turn off power down:
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG1, 0b00001111);

// If you’d like to adjust/use the HPF, you can edit the line below to configure CTRL_REG2:
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG2, 0b00000000);

// Configure CTRL_REG3 to generate data ready interrupt on INT2
// No interrupts used on INT1, if you’d like to configure INT1
// or INT2 otherwise, consult the datasheet:
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG3, 0b00001000);

// CTRL_REG4 controls the full-scale range, among other things:

if(scale == 250){
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG4, 0b00000000);
}else if(scale == 500){
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG4, 0b00010000);
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG4, 0b00110000);

// CTRL_REG5 controls high-pass filtering of outputs, use it
// if you’d like:
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG5, 0b00000000);

void writeRegister(int deviceAddress, byte address, byte val) {
Wire.beginTransmission(deviceAddress); // start transmission to device
Wire.write(address); // send register address
Wire.write(val); // send value to write
Wire.endTransmission(); // end transmission

int readRegister(int deviceAddress, byte address){

int v;
Wire.write(address); // register to read

Wire.requestFrom(deviceAddress, 1); // read a byte

while(!Wire.available()) {
// waiting

v =;
return v;

This code just outputs the x,y,z axis angular rate (in deg/sec) in the serial terminal. Simple as that.

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Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI Erida Tricopter


Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI Erida

Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI Erida is bound to attract everybody’s attention.
Its full carbon fiber body effectively increases the speed and prolongs the flight time. There is no doubt that it is a perfect choice for the RC enthusiast because it also features Xiaoyi 4K camera, control via App as well as foldaway arms.

Speed: 75 mph / 120 kph
Flight time: 40 minutes
Video resolution: 4K
Control method: App

Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI Erida Tri-rotor RTF 75 mph / 4K Camera / App Control / Foldaway Arms
Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI Erida Tri-rotor RTF 75 mph / 4K Camera / App Control / Foldaway Arms
Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI Erida Tri-rotor RTF 75 mph / 4K Camera / App Control / Foldaway Arms
Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI Erida Tri-rotor RTF 75 mph / 4K Camera / App Control / Foldaway Arms
Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI Erida Tri-rotor RTF 75 mph / 4K Camera / App Control / Foldaway Arms
hope to see this rotor soon in market….
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DJI new launch P4 Pro and Inspire 2 in yesterday’s event


In yesterday’s DJI event DJI launched new versions of Phantom and Inspire … Phantom 4 professional and Inspire 2

Below videos define p4 pro and Inspire 2 totally so i choose not to write much about it.

DJI has been into the market since a long time also i believe that those who work in the AP Industry wont need to unnecessary upgrade their drones to the latest till the time they really need something different.



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Hey everyone this post is about the First Drone Race in India which was organised by IDRL (one martian way) with IIT Gandhinagar under IIT Amalthea well the dates for the event were 22nd & 23rd October,2016.

I have tried to put the whole day1 together in 20 minutes so try to be free when you watch it ..

<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

22nd was the Beginner’s Race so we all who arrived early tested our setups helped the everyone out there..

Most funny thing was we all have been talking to each other since years but we neva met and we didnt knew who was who 😛

Although it wasn’t that hard to figure out who was who either by talks or their flying 🙂 i was recognised by the cameras though 🙂 and named Chad Kapper 🙂 lol

Had great fun at IDRL would thank Karan who organised the event and venue and Priyanshu who managed each and every stuff from water to the frequency and DVR well we are asked not to upload the DVR till Amalthea release’s it so waiting for them but have sumed up most of the flights that i shoot from my cameras and recorded DVR from my goggles Fatshark Dom V3.


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Is This $1 Intel Pentium D Processor Still Capable Of Gaming?







Q3 ’06




This processor was released in 3rd quater of 2006.

This processor can be picked on this days for about 10$ with shipping and all.

This processor being so old dont think you go pair it up with the latest processor this is a processor which can be treated as a backup PC or a time-being temporary Intel Processor rig.

It cannot be overclocked as generates a lot of heat and you may have fire all around.

To watch the actual gaming performance check out the below video:

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