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Discount offers and Great products @

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Hey guys if you are subscribed to my youtube you would have always seen a link in the description :

So quadkopters is one of the Lhs located in Mumbai and they have awesome service and support towards customers even the order is been shipped within weeks time and sometimes less.

Well quadkopters has come up with a collaboration plans and we also need suggestions from your side.

We are providing you guys a discount coupon code: FPVCRAZY you can visit the website and buy whatever you like to buy and comment on the product description.

Also pls. do comment on this post and let us know what products you would like to buy and which arent in stock right now in India we will try our best to get it to you.


You can use coupon Code : FPVCRAZY

Only Rules to follow is  : Your order subtotal should be equal to 500 or more.


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New Delhi is going to spend $15b For augmenting its fleet submarines

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New Delhi is going to spend $15b For augmenting its fleet submarines

New Delhi is going to spend $15 billion with the objective of significantly augmenting its fleet of submarines by the targeted year 2023-24, a very stiff target indeed because of (a) the involvement of foreign vendors and (b) because of India’s own very notorious red tape.


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Chinese Websites you can buy Gadgets from


So today i was wondering where all i have been ordering this chinese products for RC as well as daily use from… i neva made a bookmark before but thought of making a list folder of all rchobby websites and general purpose website.

I have here  few Chinese Websites where you can buy gadgets from.

Have a look at the websites all below website names are hyperlinks you can click and visit the website do remember to click on the links and check out some amazing products also do check product refferals page for product code and refferals of amazing offers : HERE











DO check the links also guys remember ordering it or importing this gadgets incur customs duties and taxation so beware of your country laws and order accordingly i know the prices are tempting but it might happen that some stuff isnt allowed according to countries legal norms.

Do check before you order also do check on the sellers rating on some websites like aliexpress before placing order infact you can speak to them and ask them normal questions about functionality and shipping days and stuff which will make you understand how the seller is.

stay tuned for such updates do check product referalls page for more product referalls.


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Where to buy Drone parts in India


So am listing down some websites where you can find drone parts :


If you want to compare drone parts from stores all over india you can visit the below :

also dont forget to subscribe our youtube channel : rohit fpv

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High voltage Endurance motors for cheap

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.56.48 AM

High voltage Endurance motors for cheap is correct they are cheap like 20$ or so some of the motors are obviously branded so are been rated high am going to list down 3 motors i found to be better in efficiency and are good for endurance long flights.

Visit here for long time endurance flight quadcopter build : LINK

Motors :

SunnySky V3508 380kv

Racerstar Racing Edition 3508 BR3508 380KV 3-8S Brushless Motor For 600 700 800 RC Multirotors

Multistar Elite 3508-268KV High Voltage Endurance Motor

You can click on the motor names and check the specs although you can also scroll down i have copied them for you.

Now coming to individual price which is very important.

SUNNYSKY is a brand and they make awesome motors but they have a lot of oem and fake manufacturer in the market so buying from china from sites like aliexpress or ebay can land you with fake knockoffs beware. You can directly buy from sunnysky talk to them. Price for sunnysky is about $37.9 on Getfpv which is i feel costlier than the other 2 motors.

RACERSTAR is the best motor i felt among all the 3 due to the price and the datasheet i would say datasheet of all 3 motors is almost the same with some 0.xx amps here and there but it doesnt really matter as that can be counteracted with many other factors and tricks. Price of this motor is just $15 with free shipping on Banggood which is nice and best in the budget it runs on 3s to8s which is again a good thing.

Now the final motor which is the Multistar elite 3508 268kv now this is the motor which can be optimised and is a bit pricer than Racerstar Hobbyking has given us various specs and types of configuration for the same so that we can arrange the configuration between hexcopter and quadcopter and 6s and 8s battery according to our needs. This motor costs a normal customer $34 and for new or diamond customer about $24 which is $10 difference.


Best motor to buy if you are on budget and want to try a brand out go for Racerstar v3508 380kv only for $15 .

Now that is just Rs.1000 for each motor which i feel is nice also the weight consideration of this motors comes out to be cool.




Multistar 3508 268KV @ 32V (8s)
12.5×6           50%  800g 4A      100% 1200g 7A
13×3.8 SF      50%  580g 1.5A    100% 1320g 4.9A
13×4.7 SF      50%  620g 2.2A    100% 1410g 5.2A
13×5.5 C        50%  670g 2.7A    100% 1600g 6.8A
14×4.7           50%  710g 3A       100% 1460g 7.8A

Multistar 3508 268KV @ 25V (6s)
14×4.7           50%  598g 2.4A   100% 1030g 5.6A
15×5 M.S.W   50%  712g 2.8A   100% 1144g 5.8A

A 680mm Hex such as the Tarot or 680UC pro Quanum AUW with battery and gimbal weighs 2.5~3.2Kg @ 3Kg/6(motors)=500g lift needed per motor to hover.

Hover efficiency 3508 268KV @ 32V (8s) 500g thrust x 6 =3K
12 wood                        1.96A
11×5.5 APC speed          2.3A
13×3.8 sf                      1.5A        (X 6= 9A hover)
13×4.7 sf                      1.6A
13×5.5 C                       1.6A
13×6.5 APC                   1.9A
14×4.7 sf                      1.4A        (X 6= 8.6A hover)
Hover efficiency 3508 268KV @ 25V (6s) 500g thrust x 6 =3Kg
15×5 Multistar White     1.7A         (x 6=10.2A hover)
14×4.7 SF                      2A

This sub 10A hover can allow the use of high density low discharge batteries. The increased capacity vs weight will increase flight time. Flights over 1 hour are possible with special batteries such as the Panasonic 18650 or GEB cells.


check out this link for full build information for endurance quadcopter.

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How to make long endurance flying quadcopter/drone

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.58.53 AM

As you see the title Best long endurance flying quadcopter, Here in this post i am going to list down a way to get about 70-80 mins of flight time from a quad setup and yes it is possible many of them have done it ..

Budget $450-$500.

Video at the bottom

Well i have made separate posts for individual motors, frame types ,etc.

For getting the best endurance out of a quad first we need to look at the weight to thrust ratio.

We will focus on the making the lightest frame possible.. best way is to buy some carbon fibre min. 10mm or bigger in outer diameter or you can use aluminum booms or wood as per the weight you decide.


Coming to the motors there are couple efficient motors out in the market specifically designed to give you more flight time longer than the usual quads that we make .. propeller size that we are considering here is the 15inch to 17inch bar. Visit here for motors : MOTORS

you can check the individual motor specs and choose the prop you want even though the best motor i feel among the 3 i found is Racerstar as it is cheaper than all others.


Also if you are concerned to get about a long flight of 40min and above i would suggest to go for a customised lion battery which would reduce weight and might be you can even add your payload as necessary.

While considering the batteries see to it that you choose wisely according to your purpose as LIPO takes less time to charge than a big LIon battery pack also the charger wires and connectors and stuff.


I would use a 16mm outerdiameter carbonfibre rod which is easily available in stores and on aliexpress even you can go for different motor mounts available for tarot frames.

Whatever you use see to it you keep the frame light.

Flight controller

In endurance long flight setups you always see to it that you keep less stuff onboard as possible less wires and that calls for a fc like DJI  NAZA  you can buy one from here  well it not only is less weighted with less wires but also it is very good in flight stability and provides you that stability you need to fly this copter for an hour or so …. 10min of flight is also tiring sometimes.


Will update this post soon as i get time to write and find out more intresting parts to share keep connected pls. share the blog as much as possible.


Update :

Have tried various combinations and wanted a frame and total AUW to be 3kg and less.

Designed and printed 3-4 designs for frame and motor mount not sure which one to use one of them is just 7gms and seems to work fine lets see…

will update with images and file links soon.

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Frsky Taranis QX7 Best budget Radio in India Stock!!!


Atlast the most awaited budget radio for all begineers and professionals is in stock with lhs like

Comparision video between Taranis Qx7 and Frsky Taranis X9d

check out the Product details here : TARANIS QX7

More Links : Best radio     Budget radio

To buy you can contact : 8097739224(whatsapp)

check out :

check out the video :

More Regular videos on Youtube channel : Rohit Fpv from 1st June stay tuned!!


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Dji spark to be announced today @ 5 am

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.32.28 PM

Dji spark to be announced today at 5am-8am in las vegas U.S stay tuned for more updates

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Frsky TaranisQ X7 for 115$ on Banggood!!!


Most awaited and as expected cheaper version of Frsky taranis x9d plus is out in the market Frsky Taranis Q7 preorder on banggood…

To read more about the Taranis Q x7 : Specs expected – Link1

Taranis Q X7 – Link2

Below are the specs from banggood:

FrSky TaranisQ X7 2.4GHz 16CH RC Transmitter 

FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter White Black
FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter White Black

FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter White Black

FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter White Black

Specifications:   Download the Manual
Model Name: Taranis Q X7
Operating Voltage Range: 6~15V (2S, 3S Lipos are acceptable)
Operating Current: 210mA maximum (both RF module and backlit are on)
Operating Temperature: -10~45℃
Backlight LCD Screen: 128*64 outdoor readable LCD
Model Memories: 60 (extendable by SD card)

Compatibility: FrSky X series, D series and V8-II series receivers (plus other receivers if an external module is used)

 Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals
 Receiver Match
Audio Speech Outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
 Antenna Status Detection and adjustment
Real-time Flight Data Logging
Receiver Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Alerts
Super Low Latency
Smart Port Supported
Vibration Alerts
Model configuration files compatible with TARANIS X9D Plus
Note: It is the self-centering throttle mode.
1 x Taranis Q X7
1 x Charger
1 x Manual
1 x Back strap
2 x Keys


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Flycolor Raptor BLHeli – S 2 – 4S 30A OPTO Brushless ESCs


Flycolor Raptor BLHeli Esc

Today got this in mail well didnt try them out just unboxed them and checked the quality and it came out to be nice well this is from below is the product description and a firstlook video.

The Flycolor RAPTOR BLHeli-S 2 – 4S 30A OPTO Brushless ESC can give you an unprecedented experience of smooth breaking and great freewheeling, because of its brilliant MCU, BLHeli-S firmware, 3-in-1 IC driver and functions like Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot and Damped Light. It also supports DShot150, DShot300, DShot600.

Main Features:
Fastest MCU with an operating frequency of 50MHz. The EFM8BB21F 16G MCU has the 8-bit C8051 core, which contributes to super fast responses.
Compact design. Although integrated with four-layer electric circuits, 3-in-1 IC driver, imported non-polar ceramic capacitor, it only weighs 6.3g with a size of 29 x 12.5 x 5mm.
The latest BLHeli-S firmware offers you wonderful user experience. Setting of the parameters of ESCs can be done very easily with BLHeli-S. In addition, the hardware uses the PWM signal to control motors, which greatly shortens the response time and diminish the deadband of throttle, makes motor rotation more sustainable, and effectively reduces the noise of motors.
Adjustable speed. It supports the common 1 – 2ms pulse-width input, Oneshot125 ( 125 – 250us ), Oneshot42 ( 41.7 – 83.3us ) and Multishot ( 5 – 25us ), with which you can accelerate or slow down whenever you want and make great progress. More importantly, DShot150, DShot300, DShot600 are also available for you.
Outstanding compatibility with high KV motors. The maximum speed can reach up to 500k eRPM.
Regenerative breaking with Damped Light Mode. In this mode, the power can be withdrawn automatically during deceleration to improve the flight efficiency. As a result, the motor responds more rapidly and the stability and flexibility of the multirotor are greatly improved.
Excellent anti-electromagnetic interference due to the twisted-pair cable. The design of twisted-pair cable can effectively diminish the electromagnetic interference when signals pass through the copper wires. Therefore, the flight can be more stable.


General Brand: Flycolor
Type: ESC
Dimension and Weight Package weight: 0.080 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 12.00 x 6.00 x 2.00 cm / 4.72 x 2.36 x 0.79 inches
Package Contents Package Contents: 4 x ESC, 1 x English Manual

Flycolor Raptor BLHeli - S 2 - 4S 30A 50MHz OPTO Brushless ESC Set with DShot150 DShot300 DShot600

Flycolor Raptor BLHeli - S 2 - 4S 30A 50MHz OPTO Brushless ESC Set with DShot150 DShot300 DShot600

Flycolor Raptor BLHeli - S 2 - 4S 30A 50MHz OPTO Brushless ESC Set with DShot150 DShot300 DShot600

Flycolor Raptor BLHeli - S 2 - 4S 30A 50MHz OPTO Brushless ESC Set with DShot150 DShot300 DShot600

Flycolor Raptor BLHeli - S 2 - 4S 30A 50MHz OPTO Brushless ESC Set with DShot150 DShot300 DShot600

Flycolor Raptor BLHeli - S 2 - 4S 30A 50MHz OPTO Brushless ESC Set with DShot150 DShot300 DShot600

Flycolor Raptor BLHeli - S 2 - 4S 30A 50MHz OPTO Brushless ESC Set with DShot150 DShot300 DShot600

You can buy the product from : HERE  BUY FROM GEARBEST.COM


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iSDT SC-608 Smart Charger review


Note: Gearbest was kind enough to send me this charger for a review. I came into contact with them through IntoFPV, an awesome forum for multirotor and FPV hobbyists to share ideas.

I received this charger today thought to make a short introductory video of unboxing and first-look

These charger is tiny… Compared to other chargers in the market…. Like B6 Ac+ v2 which am currently using and similar emax b6,The size makes it very advantageous for field charging. You could empty one 5Amps Lipo into a few 1300 lipos, so you can get a few more flights when you are on the field.

But, if you are charging at home, you’ll need a power supply since the charger only takes AC power, and most power supplies are big and bulky. It’s alright if you still compare it to 150W chargers in the market which use power supply.

For now this is what comes to my mind would update soon… on this after using it and testing it out.


Below are the product exact description @ GEARBEST

Main Features:
2.4 inch IPS Display:
262K colors brightness monitor, up to 178 degree visible angle

Single Knob Shuttle Control:
Tired to fumble and push with finger-tips? Difficult press now is replaced with smooth and natural single shuttle control
One touch to set, makes charging with SC608 a joyful experience

Outstanding Design:
With unique design, possible to reduce the charger size as small as a cigarette pack, while improves the output capacity up to 150watt

Brand: iSDT
Item model: SC608
Item name: professional balance charger
Input voltage: DC 9 – 32V
Output voltage: 0 – 30V
Maximum charge capacity: 150W
Maximum discharge capacity: 5W
Charge current range: 0.1 – 8.0A
Discharge current range: 0.1 – 3.0A
LiPo / LiFe / Lilon / LiHV cells ( 1 – 6S )
NiMH / NiCd cells: 1 – 18S
Pb battery voltage: 1 – 12S
Net weight: 110g
Dimensions: 88 x 58 x 21mm

Operation Instructions:
Connect power supply, wait for initiation self-check to finish
Set parameters suitable for your battery through display and shuttle knob
Enjoy smart and quick charging with SC608


Custom Brand: iSDT
General Brand: iSDT
Type: Balance Charger
Dimension and Weight Package weight: 0.195 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 8.80 x 5.80 x 2.10 cm / 3.46 x 2.28 x 0.83 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 12.00 x 10.00 x 6.00 cm / 4.72 x 3.94 x 2.36 inches
Package Contents Package Contents: 1 x Mini Charger
iSDT SC608 150W 8A Professional Balance Charger / Discharger for RC Battery Charging
iSDT SC608 150W 8A Professional Balance Charger / Discharger for RC Battery Charging
iSDT SC608 150W 8A Professional Balance Charger / Discharger for RC Battery Charging
iSDT SC608 150W 8A Professional Balance Charger / Discharger for RC Battery Charging

iSDT SC608 150W 8A Professional Balance Charger / Discharger for RC Battery Charging

iSDT SC608 150W 8A Professional Balance Charger / Discharger for RC Battery Charging

You can buy the product from : GEARBEST.COM  CLICK TO VISIT

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X-Racer Quadrant 25A 4~6S BLHeli_S ESC

xracer esc

The new X-Racer Quadrant ESC is powered by high performance EFM8BB21 MCU, and flashed with BLHeli_S program. It supports multishot/one shot42/oneshot125. With 25AMp constant RMS (30A max) and supports 4-6s.

The four tiny X-Racer Quadrant ESCs can be installed separately on the arms, but also can be installed together like a PCB under the flight controller. The X-Racer ESCs can be considered as 4-in-1 ESCs, but not the same to other 4-in-1 ESCs that only can be used on one PCB. One disadvantage of other 4-in-1 ESCs is, if one part of the ESC damaged, then the whole PCB have to be changed. It would be too much trouble to the pilots. But there will be no problem with X-Racer ESCs. The four tiny ESCs can be used together or seperately. Even one is damaged, you just need to change one, no need to change the whole PCB. (Although we dont believe the ESC would easily damaged.)

Want to know more about X-Racer Quandrant? Join the discussion at RCGroups!!!

Features of X-Racer Quadrant:

  1. Can be installed separately on the arms, or 4 ESCs installed together like a PCB under the flight controller.
  2. Powered by high performance EFM8BB21 MCU.
  3. Flashed with BLHeli_S program. It supports multishot/one shot42/oneshot125.
  4. Dshot150/Dshot300/Dshot600 Compatible.
  5. With 25AMp constant RMS, 30A max.
  6. Supports 4-6s Lipo
  7. Only 2.5 grams each piece and 10 grams for a set of 4 pieces.

  • Packaging for a set of 4pcs. If you order only one piece, the ESC will be packed in a plastic bag.

You can buy this product from    “esc link

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New Drone Racing Products in Market

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Components new in Drone market.

Some trending drone parts you would like to have a look at…

There have been many products recently in the market since the last month listing some of the premium and branded stuff below:






Power, but not at the expense of your battery. Torque, but without sacrifice to smoothness. Hand wound, because we’re proud of our trade. White, to show off how unique this motor is. The Mr.Steele motor by TBS!

With the TBS Mr.Steele motor, a trend in motor manufacturing is finally broken. No longer do you have to sacrifice batteries to squeeze just a tiny bit more power out of your setup. We also stopped using top-of-the-line magnets or chasing weight requirement pipe dreams to sacrifice reliability and smoothness in flight.

We made a motor to match the flying style and requirements of one of the most popular miniquad FPV pilots, and RotorRiot host, Mr.Steele! It’s a motor built for longevity, consistency and silky smooth feel.


We started out with a couple of corner-stones in motor properties. High kV, low kV. Big stator, small stator. Varying stator laminations, winding techniques and copper diameters. We analyzed the results on a thrust test stand next to all reputable motors, and matched them to the requirements of Mr.Steele’s reference motors. We found the closest match to his requirements, and produced 2 different styles to send for Mr.Steele for testing. After running each of them for a few days, we received feedback, made corrections on the motor, and re-made samples. After a total of 5 iterations and over 100 motors sent, we finally managed to isolate the perfect candidate. But the quest was not done! Next we worked on the finish. To produce a white motor, all tolerances were re-calculated. Each and every detail of the motor, down to the C-clip, was investigated, refined and tested. After almost 4 months of ups and downs, today we are able to release and stand behind what we believe is a motor that will cause a paradigm shift for this industry.


  • Stator size: 2306
  • kV rating: 2345kV
  • Weight: 28.5g
  • Color: white
  • Windings: by hand
  • Awesomness factor: over 9000
  • Stator lamination: None of your business


  • 1x TBS Mr Steele 2345kv motor
  • 4x Mounting screws M3x6.5
  • 1x Aluminum Low-Profile Prop nut

For a price of $27.95 these motors seem to be personalised and more towards the free style as Mr.Stelle himself is hence not sure if others would like to get the same and follow the exact flying style with gear.


1.) Gemfan Maverick 24A ESC

Have a friend who gave a set to a friend of mine which turned out to be awesome and he is very happy with performance and use of the esc. Sounds good awaiting to have hands on this esc.


  • 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @48Mhz
  • High RPM(500,000 eRpm, 71,000RPM with a 14Pol Motor)
  • For Race Multicopters
  • Support software with multiple functions in computer, can be connectedthrough CleanFlight and BetaFlight
  • Support 3D mode
  • Auto timing
  • Fast throttle response
  • Smooth and linear throttle response
  • PWM(25-500HZ), Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multishot auto-detected andswitched
  • 3 modes to stop: freewheeling, damped light mode and braking
  • Synchronous rectification
  • 2-4S LiPo
  • Over temperature protection (reduce the max power if hotter than settledtemperature, temperature threshold is adjustable)
  • Low voltage protection
  • Small size (25 x 13 mm)
  • No additional capacitor needed*
  • Drone searching beacon
  • Changing starting beep freely
  • Throttle calibration with remote

*Tip: connecting a 25V 100Uf (Low ESR) or above capacitor for better power supply or when the wire connecting batteries and ESC is longer than 20cm.


  • Continuous Current: 24A
  • Max Current: 35A
  • BEC: No
  • LIPO: 2-4 cell
  • Weight: 2.3g(bare)
  • Size: 25 x 13 mm

2.) X-Racer Quadrant 25A 4~6S BLHeli_S ESC

  • Packaging for a set of 4pcs. If you order only one piece, the ESC will be packed in a plastic bag.

Now this is the esc which i was looking forward too but although i havent used it yet would like to use them for a built as they form up as a pcb when placed together… and many other exiciting thngs to read more about this esc i have a separate post where i would update more on them check here : Xracer ESC



QAV-SKITZO Dark Matter FPV Freestyle Quadcopter

Pre-order started on click here

Well some details about the frame :

The Lumenier QAV-SKITZO Dark Matter FPV Freestyle quadcopter is a symmetrical X, ultra-durable, finely tuned airframe designed for high performance FPV Freestyle flying. The QAV-SKITZO was created in collaboration with and named after the flow master himself SKITZO FPV. This freestyle airframe has been designed from the ground up to withstand the rigors of freestyle flying like Skitzo put their airframes through.

The QAV-SKITZO features premium Lumenier carbon fiber with a beautifully finished chamfered edge, giving the quad a sleek look while also improving the durability by removing hard edges. Each plate is sealed with a layer of clear coat paint further strengthening each piece and giving it an awesome finished look. No rough edges or carbon dust to worry about, and no sanding required.

The airframe features removable 4mm carbon fiber arms and 3mm thick top and bottom plates. The arms are sandwiched between the bottom plate and 2mm battery plate giving you an incredible 9mm thick of carbon fiber at the center of the body. Each arm is secured in place with just 2 screws and a threaded aluminum bar on top. This allows you to remove 1 arm by simply taking out 2 screws with just 1 tool.

Not only does this airframe fly amazingly, but it looks great too with Skitzo’s original astro-photography featured in the custom sticker sheets. Each QAV-SKITZO kit comes with a complete airframe sticker set showing off some stellar space photography shot by Jonathon himself. Pair these graphic frame stickers with the included custom purple spacers for a truly cosmic look!


Each 4mm arm and plates are CNC milled out of a solid sheet of premium Lumenier carbon fiber. The outer weave of the carbon fiber runs 100% down each arm of the QAV-SKITZO (0/90 weave), maximizing the strength of the carbon and arms. The center layers are offset at 45 degrees providing even and balanced strength throughout the entire plate.

The top plate includes two accessory antenna plates, allowing for multiple cable ties to lock down your antenna in place, or vertically mount your VTX and SMA connector. No more damaging the SMA connection on your VTX. Alternatively you can use the vertical antenna plate, enabling a vertical VTX install on the tail. The top plate also has a cutout allowing access to your VTX button and LED displays for easy channel adjustment. The 3mm top plate has multiple notches along the side making it a versatile mounting plate for a variety of HD camera mounts.

The airframe comes with high quality aluminum hardware. All screws are premium, black oxide steel. The spacers have a textured grip surface treatment, which facilitates holding of the spacers during assembly and servicing of the airframe. The spacers are 35mm tall giving you plenty of room for all the electronics to be protected inside.

Included with the QAV-SKITZO kit is the popular Lumenier 4Power power distribution board which can be fitted with an optional Pololu voltage drop-down circuit (to 12v or 5v), a XT60 pig-tail. Like the QAV-X and QAV-R, the QAV-SKITZO kit enables mounting of small FPV cameras such as the Lumenier CM-650 in a fully encased assembly which protects the FPV camera during crashes and enables pointing the FPV camera at a wide variety of viewing angles.


  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe with removable 4mm arms.
  • Ultra durable 3mm top and bottom plates
  • Custom Skitzo decal sticker sheet
  • Compact size for 5″ propellers, 214mm motor to motor.
  • Black Oxide steel screws
  • Easy grip purple anodized spacers
  • “Bumpers” on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash
  • Included Lumenier 4Power power distribution board and XT-60 Pig-Tail to power ESCs and FPV flight electronics. The PDB can optionally be outfitted with a Pololu 12v or 5v voltage step-down (Pololu board not included).
  • Designed around popular 26mm sized cams in cases such as the Lumenier CM-650 or HS1177.
  • Lightweight and rigid


  • Airframe: 96g (airframe + hardware), 100g (with sticker decal).


  • 1x QAV-SKITZO Dark Matter FPV Freestyle Quadcopter
    • 4x 4mm carbon fiber arms
    • 3mm carbon fiber top plate
    • 3mm carbon fiber base plate
    • 2mm carbon fiber bottom plate
    • 1.5mm carbon fiber antenna plate
    • 1.5mm G10 vertical antenna mount
    • 1.5mm carbon fiber side rack plate
    • 2x 2mm carbon fiber camera sidewall plates
  • 1x Skitzo Dark Matter Airframe Sticker Sheet
  • 1x Set of black steel screws and aluminum hardware including knurled spacers, cable ties
  • 2x No-slip silicone battery pad
  • 1x Lumenier 4Power Power distribution board
  • 1x set 6mm black polyamide spacers / screws for flight controller
  • 1x XT-60 Pig-Tail
  • 1x Neoprene foam tape
  • 1x Lumenier small lipo strap
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human flying drone -casey neistat


Casey Neistat does it all to fly on a Drone…

Even though there is been a hype about illegal use of drones and improper use of drones … Casey Neistat who is now working with CNN and some projects with Samsung 360 cameras took help of professionals and made a “Hexadecacopter” to be simple a 16 rotor copter which was designed professionally and controller professional…

Image the power of the drone to carry a human being..

Coming to how they did this … overview:

Big size frame custom build Carbon-fibre probably:

16 motor Hexadecacopter , 10feet diameter , 165pounds weight, has 32inch propellers,16 batteries.

Full throttle thrust – 1050pounds.

It consumes about 4000amps of continous current…. it can power a house of 40 hours.

Everything was done for professionals with good research time and practical experience was piloted by a skilled pilot who is professional flying custom rigs and not DJI like simple drones.. 😛


Casey has mentioned it all in the videos below do check the videos:

Casey neistat drone full video :

Behind the scenes for the Human drone shoot :


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DIY : Connecting L3G400D Gyro with Arduino

L3G4200D img

Well thinking about making a Flight Controller based on Arduino after using Multiwii as the first Flight controller years ago… Have been familiar with the tuning and programming C code.

Also the basic copter has a gyro which basically helps to correct the orientation and alignment of the copter.

Roll and Pitch are corrected with the Gyro when you dont have any Tx stick Inputs Accelerometer helps in this too.

The L3G4200D is a 3-axis angular rate sensor, aka gyro/gyroscope with a user selectable 250, 500 or 2000º/Sec scale. I was about to write about what a gyro is, but Sparkfun has done a really great job of that, so to quote them:

Gyroscopes measure angular velocity, how fast something is spinning about an axis. If you’re trying to monitor the orientation of an object in motion, an accelerometer may not give you enough information to know exactly how it’s oriented. Unlike accelerometers gyros are not affected by gravity, so they make a great complement to each other. You’ll usually see angular velocity represented in units of rotations per minute (RPM), or degrees per second (°/s). The three axes of rotation are either referenced as x, y, and z, or roll, pitch, and yaw.

Connecting the L3G4200D with Arduino :

The L3G4200D has a lot of pins on it because it supports both SPI and I2C but also has some other features as well such as programmable interrupts. We are going to go as simple with this as possible.

The L3G4200D supports both SPI and I2C, but we are just going to talk I2C here. I2C is a 2-wire serial connection, so you just need to connect the SDA (Data) and SCL (Clock) lines to your Arduino for communication. On your Arduino (everything but the mega) SDA is on analog pin 4, and SCL is on analog pin 5. On an arduino mega, SDA is digital 20, and SCL is digital 21.

But other than Power, Ground, and the I2C pins, we just need to connect SD0 to 3.3v (to set the I2c Address).

Code :

//Arduino 1.0+ only

#include <Wire.h>

#define CTRL_REG1 0x20
#define CTRL_REG2 0x21
#define CTRL_REG3 0x22
#define CTRL_REG4 0x23
#define CTRL_REG5 0x24

int L3G4200D_Address = 105; //I2C address of the L3G4200D

int x;
int y;
int z;

void setup(){


Serial.println(“starting up L3G4200D”);
setupL3G4200D(2000); // Configure L3G4200 – 250, 500 or 2000 deg/sec

delay(1500); //wait for the sensor to be ready

void loop(){
getGyroValues(); // This will update x, y, and z with new values


Serial.print(” Y:”);

Serial.print(” Z:”);

delay(100); //Just here to slow down the serial to make it more readable

void getGyroValues(){

byte xMSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x29);
byte xLSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x28);
x = ((xMSB << 8) | xLSB);

byte yMSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x2B);
byte yLSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x2A);
y = ((yMSB << 8) | yLSB);

byte zMSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x2D);
byte zLSB = readRegister(L3G4200D_Address, 0x2C);
z = ((zMSB << 8) | zLSB);

int setupL3G4200D(int scale){
//From Jim Lindblom of Sparkfun’s code

// Enable x, y, z and turn off power down:
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG1, 0b00001111);

// If you’d like to adjust/use the HPF, you can edit the line below to configure CTRL_REG2:
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG2, 0b00000000);

// Configure CTRL_REG3 to generate data ready interrupt on INT2
// No interrupts used on INT1, if you’d like to configure INT1
// or INT2 otherwise, consult the datasheet:
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG3, 0b00001000);

// CTRL_REG4 controls the full-scale range, among other things:

if(scale == 250){
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG4, 0b00000000);
}else if(scale == 500){
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG4, 0b00010000);
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG4, 0b00110000);

// CTRL_REG5 controls high-pass filtering of outputs, use it
// if you’d like:
writeRegister(L3G4200D_Address, CTRL_REG5, 0b00000000);

void writeRegister(int deviceAddress, byte address, byte val) {
Wire.beginTransmission(deviceAddress); // start transmission to device
Wire.write(address); // send register address
Wire.write(val); // send value to write
Wire.endTransmission(); // end transmission

int readRegister(int deviceAddress, byte address){

int v;
Wire.write(address); // register to read

Wire.requestFrom(deviceAddress, 1); // read a byte

while(!Wire.available()) {
// waiting

v =;
return v;

This code just outputs the x,y,z axis angular rate (in deg/sec) in the serial terminal. Simple as that.

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